Frequently Asked Questions

What is carbon fibre fabric?

Carbon fibre fabric is just like other fabrics except it uses carbon fibres instead of cotton, nylon, polyester, etc. The weave is coarser than fabrics used for clothing, it is more like a heavy canvas. Carbon fibre fabric needs to be laminated with a matrix (i.e. resin) to form a rigid structure.

Why are there different weaves of carbon fibre fabric?

Carbon fiber comes in different weaves optimized for different uses. For example, the standard twill weave is a good all-purpose fabric. Unidirectional fabric is good for adding strength and stiffness in one direction. Plain weave is good for delicate layups and some patterns are just designed for a unique look!

What’s the difference between carbon fibre fabric and prepreg?

Prepreg is a version of carbon fiber that already has a tacky resin impregnated into it. Both carbon fiber fabric and prepreg can be cut and formed into all sort of shapes. Unlike carbon fiber fabric which can be made at room temperature, prepreg requires elevated temperatures and pressure to cure properly.

Transaction FAQs

What are the payment methods and How secure is my transaction on your website?

We accept Credit Card and Paypal Payments at this stage.

Your personal information is treated with the greatest of care. Sensitive payment information such as credit card details are never stored on the Internet with our system.

We are dedicated to ensure a safe and secure processing of your sensitive credit card information using the highest data encryption available. 

This website is registered with site-identification authorities to enable your browser to confirm our security identity before any transmission is sent. Physical, electronic and managerial procedures have been employed to safeguard the security and integrity of personal information.

What happens after ordering?

We understand the power of now, so after ordering, we will do our best to prepare and dispatch your order as soon as possible. We will also send you an email with a confirmation of your,  In the event of cancelling or wanting to change the order, please email us to or call us as soon as possible on 0410 863 693.

Do I receive an invoice for my transaction?

You will receive an invoice at the delivery of ordered goods. 

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